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When I was living in the UK, I would do almost anything to avoid travelling the UK by Rail. It was expensive, unreliable, and often…

When I was living in the UK, I would do almost anything to avoid travelling the UK by Rail. It was expensive, unreliable, and often unclean, eugh! But upon moving to the The Czech Republic I was amazed at the different ways to travel Europe by train and was hooked on exploring the whole of Europe by simply hopping on a train at my nearest train station.

Europe by train is popular way to explore Europe on luxury and budget vacations. This travel trend is growing in leaps and bounds in recent years as the Covid 19 pandemic sweeps the planet. With the emergence of the European Train Network, trains are becoming the preferred mode of travel. Throughout Europe, train travel is often chosen over air travel, trains are a great option for those interested in seeing multiple cities or countries in just one vacation. With the added bonus of travelling in style and watching your surroundings whiz by

Europe train travel guide

Trains are a convenient mode of short, medium and long distance travel across Europe. Western and central Europe has a dense and widely used railway network spanning the entire continent. With over twenty countries and five-hundred cities, this rail network can literally supply eager luxury world cruise travellers with a comprehensive view of Europe’s interior. Trains on the network are also great for short jaunts around your country of choice. These European trains are fast, reliable and depart and arrive approximately every half hour. With the European Train Network, travellers can travel to capital cities and charming, forgotten towns. I could spend time detailing hundreds of different itineraries but I have always felt the best way is to choose the countries and cities you want to visit and plan your trip around that!

European trains versus flying

Travellers on luxury vacations are out to consider trains as an alternative to flying. Trains have more spacious and comfortable interiors than most airplanes, offering you a more comfortable way to travel. Trains in Europe will allow you to take advantage of scenic routes and allow you a new way to experience the beautiful countryside. You will also avoid the long waits in security at airports. The railway stations are usually located in or very close to the center of the city, whereas airports can be up to 100 km away from the citys center. Trains have more of a romantic feel than airplanes. Train tickets that are booked in advance are also a bit cheaper. The developing train technology makes the train usually the same speed as airplanes, especially when you calculated the needed time to check in early and go through security. Plus, if you miss the train, you can take another one in about thirty minutes.

How much is train travel in Europe?

The cost of train travel in Europe varies greatly depending on what provider you are using and the distance of your journey although you can usually expect to pay between 5-30 Euros and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that often this amount can even buy you a ticket in first class. I was lucky enough to snag a ticket for first class, including your own private area, leather seats and free refreshments from Czech Republic into Austria for just 14 Euros!

How does european train travel with a dog work?

The rules on travelling Europe by train with dog or other pets is generally permitted, but it’s worth checking with your carrier to make sure. As a genrral rule of thumb though, most are happy to carry small pets that can be contained in a carrier, but be sure to travel along with their pet passport to avoid any unwanted drama at the station. A frustrating exception to this is the Eurostar from the UK which currently does not allow dogs except for service animals.

Frequently asked questions about European train travel

can i get a Europe train travel pass

Yes! A Europe train travel pass is a great way to buy your passage throughout Europe. There are several different companies that offer all different types of ‘all inclusive’ rail pass in Europe depending on your circumstances. And you can stand to save a packet too!

Are you able to purchase a europe train travel pass?

You can purchase a Europe train travel pass online, one of our favourites is which helps you plan your route online and on downloading the app you can keep your pass safely stored on your phone.

What is the best luggage for Europe Train Travel

The best luggage for Europe train travel is something lightweight and easy to carry on and off the train, as well are store away easily whilst onboard. I highly recommend purchasing a rolling backpack. Haven’t seen these before? No, neither had I, but they are a really great piece of kit to have, effortlessly switching from roller suitcase to backpack allowing you to board the train and move around the station really easily. We recommend this one from Amazon.


Are trains cheap in Europe?

I have no idea what keeps trains cheap in Europe, because they really have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. The rail network is polished with regular departures from all the major cities.

With so many great reasons to go, European train travel has become a leading way to explore the interior of Europe for travellers on a luxury and budget travel vacation. Besides the air of romantic hype that has developed around rail travel, it has simply become extremely practical. New technologies have evolved into an extensive European Train Network, which offers stops in most European countries and hundreds of cities. Train travel has become preferable to air travel because of the better availability, the better location stops, the speed and the price. It’s definitely putting experiencing the joys of European train travel on your bucketlist!

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