Best and most unusual hostels in Europe to stay in as a solo female traveller

Traveling alone can be nerve-racking at first but when it comes to it, it’s the most transformative and amazing experience. And as a solo female…

Traveling alone can be nerve-racking at first but when it comes to it, it’s the most transformative and amazing experience. And as a solo female traveller – emphasis on the female bit – a whole different set of red flags come up when considering travel. Hostels are still the best option to expand your horizons, meet loads of people and odds are you will definitely find fellow solo-female travellers on the way, that are in the same boat as you.   A great part of your travels will be deciding on the perfect hostel that you can make your temporary home as you move along your destinations. Some boxes we are looking to check are the general style and atmosphere of the place, safety – looking for a good location in a good area, close to transportation links and not too out of the way that’ll have you wandering around the streets after a day out alone for miles to just get back.

 In this following guide you’ll find the top hostel options to book during your solo travel through Europe. If youre thinking old wooden bunk beds and shared manky toilets, then think again!

The Roadhouse Prague

Top of the list is The Roadhouse in Prague, its raved over by solo travellers as the best hostel. Not only does it have an altogether nice aesthetic, the atmosphere is what makes this hostel the best hub to meet other travellers and enjoy Prague, which – you don’t need me to tell you, is already a beautiful city worth exploring. 

Jimmy jumps Hostel, Lithuania

Next on our list is Jimmy Jumps in Vilnius, Lithuania. Acclaimed to have a nice social atmosphere, with loads of activities planned out that you can join in on. It’s located in the centre of the ‘Epic Old Town’ and is steps away from trendy restaurants and bars worth exploring. It is also highly rated among travelers.  

The Hive, Budapest

We  can’t fail to  mention The  Hive,  Budapest . Although it is more  of  a  party  hostel, it’s acclaimed to  be  a  social  hub  perfect  for  meeting  new  people  and  enjoying amazing  events all  hosted within the  hostel.  It  is  also  ideally  located  in  the  centre  of  Budapest  with  easy  access  to  all  of  the  main attractions  in  the  city.  This  is  a  great  option  to  consider  when  you’re  keen  for  a  more  social weekend  and  could  use Booking  through one  or  two  drinks  with  mates. hostel world .

Swanky Mint, Zagreb, Croatia 

The swanky mint hostel in Zagreb is the most awarded hostel in Croatia and we can see why. Its home is a converted textile factory and you can enjoy your stay in some of the hostels modern private rooms. This city centre venue also enjoys a swimming pool and great selection of cocktails for you to sip after a busy day exploring the city.

House of Sandeman

After  a  few  too  many  bunk  beds  and  hostel  hopping  maybe  you’ll  find  yourself  keen  for  a  bit of  a ‘nicer’  setting. Then the  House  of  Sandeman in  Porto  is  exactly  what you  need. A  trendy,  vibrant hostel  with  the  option  of  beautiful  private  bedrooms  that  are  definitely  worth  spending  the  extra few pounds  to book.  As  an  extra  plus  you  have  stunning  views  across  the  River  Duoro.  This  hostel should  be  on  down  as  a  ‘must’ So , you  have  a  full  panorama on  your  list .

St Christopher’s Inn, Paris

Situated above Paris’ biggest ex-pat Bar, Bellushis, you will find this modern, buzzing hostel. With a chillout room, free WIFI and plenty of other amenities, you will hard pushed to find a better equipt hostel in Paris. The vibe here is really relaxed with friendly travellers from all over using the conveniently located hostel.

From  everything  to cozy  hostels,  social hostels  and  posh  hostels. As a  solo  traveller  as  you  make  your  way  through  your  different  destinations  you  are  bound  to  want to  try  a  bit  of  everything  at  one  point  or  another.  Whether  you’re  keen  on  one  week  for  a  more chill  atmosphere or  if  you’re  wanting  a  few  nights  out  where  you’ll  be  able  to  meet  loads  of people  with  a  drink  or  two  in  hand. Whatever  you  decide  any  of  these  hostels  are  guaranteed to give  you  an  amazing  experience.

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