Unusual Places to go for a Euro trip

So, you want to go on a Eurotrip, but don’t know where to start, let’s take a look at four European destinations a little off…

So, you want to go on a Eurotrip, but don’t know where to start, let’s take a look at four European destinations a little off the beaten track that you will love.

Whether you are travelling with a group of friends, family, a partner or perhaps on your own, its really hard to come up with destinations that are not full of tourist traps, but are also established and lots of fun too. One of the many benefits of visiting somewhere a little more unknown is that your spending money tends to go much further, and you will experience some delights that others will not even have heard of let alone done themselves!

Without further ado, here is scoop socials selection of the best destinations to go on your eurotrip.



Let’s dive into the crystal-clear blue waters of Croatia when choosing whether to stay in Split or the limestone citadel of Dubrovnik. Split is more centrally located, so it can be a bit more convenient to stay there if you want to see many different places like Krka and Plitvice lakes national parks.

In Croatia, you can see the different beautiful waterfalls and terraces in these parks connected by wooden paths. You can even go for a swim in their natural pools. Farther South Dubrovnik is such a unique city in itself, with thick walls surrounding the entire city from the sea, so it’s also definitely worth a visit. Croatia was also a famous filming location for productions like the game of thrones. There is an abundance of incredible islands to explore in Croatia, like Hvar, which is a popular party destination, or if you’re looking for something more relaxed while exploring the dalmatian coast, you can sail through the pristine waters of Cortani national park. Depending on your style of travel, whether you rent a car, take tours or ferries to the surrounding destinations, etc. You would budget between 40 and 100 US dollars per day to travel in Croatia.



Montenegro is one of the most underrated road trip destinations in the world. You can drive around serpent-like roads which harbor panoramic views of the sun-drenched fjords. You will also cross stunning bridges like the Durdevica Tara bridge, which stretched over the Tara river and was completed just as World War II began. A trip to Montenegro wouldn’t be complete without visiting the bay of couture, one of the most beautiful medieval cities in the Balkans.

 It would be best if you also ventured down the winding riviera through picturesque towns like Perast and Budva, which truly come alive at night with amazing views and nightlife. Depending on your style of travel, whether you go for a backpack or budget or a more mid-range style of accommodation and activities. It would budget between 35 and 100 us dollars per day to travel in Montenegro.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

One of the most unique places in Europe due to its European and Islamic influences You will see starry mosque for which is the 16th century ottoman stone bridge in Mostar was a highlight of anyone trip. The bridge was rebuilt after being destroyed during the war in 1993. Since mosques synagogues and churches are all in close proximity here the old bridge holds a lot of symbolic significance as it connects the diverse communities. Depending on when you visit you could witness or join in on one of the many cliff diving events where people leap from the bridge into the Navaretta river below.

Only about a 45 minute drive from Mostar is the Kravice waterfalls this place is filled with turquoise swimming lagoons surrounded by an oasis of green forests and rushing waterfalls. It is also an awesome destination for kayaking and white water rafting in the crystal clear waters of the tara river. When traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina. We would recommend budgeting between 40 and 80 us dollars per day to travel in this very affordable country.


 One of the most diverse countries in all of Europe, which means that if you are looking for adventures in the mountains, leisure and relaxation on the beaches and if you want to explore some historical cities, Italy has it all. Let’s start our trip in the Dolomites, located in the south Tyrol region of northern Italy. If you’re on a budget, it is possible to see these places in the dolomites using public transportation, but in our opinion, it is best explored by car which you can pick up at any of the nearby airports. There are a few different towns in the region which you can base yourself out of here, so my advice is to research which places you want to visit then create your route.

It is good to plan this because the driving time between the different destinations can add up quickly, especially since you will constantly stop taking photos around every turn. On a completely different side of the country, you should take some time to experience the famous Italian coast. Beyond visiting the most popular cities like Rome, Venice, Milan, and Florence, you can also Venture off the mainland to see some of Italy’s incredible Mediterranean islands like Capri or Sicily. Italy is not one of the cheaper countries to travel to in Europe, and you shouldn’t expect to pay much less than 50 or 60 us dollars per day while traveling anywhere in the country.

There you have it. Four destinations off the beaten track that all offer completely unique experiences from one another that will only add to your euro trip experience. Have you visited any of these stunning destinations? What did you do there?


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