Hotel Anybody, Brno. an unusual hotel stay

When looking for hotels in Brno, it’s hard to miss hearing about Hotel Anybody. Of all the places to stay in Brno, this hotel (if…

When looking for hotels in Brno, it’s hard to miss hearing about Hotel Anybody. Of all the places to stay in Brno, this hotel (if you can even call it that) really takes the biscuit and is somewhere more akin to a luxury couples experience rather than a standard hotel stay in a beautiful city. 

Keep reading and I’ll tell you more. 

Before you book your stay you must choose your room. Each room is based on a cinematic classic from the 60’s, Casino Royale and Breakfast at Tiffany’s to name a few. We opted for the transgalactic room based on one of my favourite movies Barbarella. The night before, in preparation we watched the film so the feel and look of the film the room was based on was fresh in our minds. I would say this is a must if you plan on visiting yourself so you can fully appreciate all the tiny details that have been put into the rooms. 


From the moment you book, nothing is quite like a normal hotel booking, all check in is done. Online beforehand and the check in process itself is also seamlessly run online with no waiting around in a busy lobby. You are able to seamlessly slip into the venue and your room with no trouble, knowing everything will be taken care of. 

So, the room. As I said before, there is a lot of speculation locally about these rooms so I knew it would be good, I just didn’t realise just quite how good it would be. From the moment the door is unlocked you are transported to another world, with everything meticulously planned out. I’m going to gloss over the ridiculously luxurious bathroom, complete with equally luxurious bath and self care products, because, quite frankly, that’s boring compared to the treasure trove of a room that awaits you. 

The room itself is themed in the most gloriously rich way, that before the experience even commences, your senses are filled to the brim. I’m not going to give too much away but as I mentioned, but we opted for the transgalactic room, thanks to the interior designers that worked on the room, our room genuinely looked like it was out of the set of Barbarella, complete with our own space age style giant bed, fun intergalactic props to try on and fully stocked minibar. It truly felt like we were in our own space age world setting off on an adventure. 

The experience itself is what really makes the stay for the guests, billing itself at 20% stay and 80% experience. Once again, I’m not going to give too much away but even if the idea of a couples experience game doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, I’d strongly suggest giving it a go with your other half and seeing what happens! The experience is lead by your own IPad device that is ready for you the moment you step in. Mix in an incredible light and sound set up, well thought out props and a sprinkling of fun dress up options, you have all you need for a fun, relaxing, and dare I say *kinky* night in with your other half. Fear not, if you don’t think the element of game play is for you, the room is set up for that to be completely fine too However, definitely don’t go expecting a work desk and sky sports on TV, the whole experience is really much more than that. 


The following morning, believe it or not, is as equally well thought out. In your room you will find 2 breakfast voucher cards for you to use at any one of 4 specially chosen restaurants throughout the city, and after a 10am checkout (you can ask for longer if needed) we decided on a leisurely stroll to one of the nearest breakfast venues on offer. Leaving Hotel Anybody was a bit like that feeling you get when you leave the cinema during the day and it’s suddenly light outside and you realise everyone has been getting on with their usual day to day tasks whilst you have become fully immersed in another world. 

Overall, our stay could not really have got any better. There is almost no one I would not recommend a stay at Hotel anybody to, providing they were happy to pack their sense of humour and be prepared for the unexpected. I was so lucky to get to experience a stay at this wonderfully unique boutique hotel in Brno that I genuinely cannot wait to go back and experience another room sometime in the very near future.

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