Greece- The Best Mykonos guide for couples and families.

A guide to the best things to do in Greece Mykonos. What makes Mykonos so unique? While the entirety of Europe holds a rich and…

A guide to the best things to do in Greece Mykonos.

What makes Mykonos so unique?

While the entirety of Europe holds a rich and ever changing history, Mykonos has also found a way to engrave itself into the mythology of the land as well. It’s said that Zeus instructed Hercules to lure the giants that invaded Mount Olympus away from the mountain. He was able to bait them to the area of Mykonos Greece. The island itself is all that remains of the giants turned to stone after their demise.    

However, the streets, fortresses and castles you see scattered around the island were crafted by the Venetians in the 1820’s.

AirBNB vs. Hotel vs. Hostel

Anytime we go on holiday, away from Czechia, we have a tendency to splurge on one aspect of our trip. Normally, we spend this money on a particular outing or where we are staying. On this trip, we decided to switch our priorities to food.

Hostels are a great way to go if you are travelling solo and don’t want to spend much on where you stay.

Hotels are wonderful if you would rather put your energy toward planning what you are going to do, then where you go to crash after a day and night worth of adventure.

If you would prefer a real, in-depth experience on how the locals live their day to day, stay someplace you could only dream about, and don’t want to break the bank – I highly recommend you look into Hostels or smaller guesthouses.

Best places to stay in Mykonos Greece

There are some absolutely fabulous Mykonos hotels to stay in on your trip, but here are just a few of my favourites for location, price and the stunning views you can get from these rooms as you sit outside and drink in the greek culture as the sun goes down.

Morfoulas Studios

Mycocoon Hostel Mykonos

Studio Eleni

Vougli View

Time to make your mouth water- The best food in Mykonos

One of my favourite things about living in Europe has got to be the food. Never in my life have I been able to enjoy food that is this fresh, rich, nearly ambrosial – it’s here in Mykonos.

 That being said, there are dozens of dishes I would love to recommend for you to try, I’ll narrow it down to two that‘ll leave you wanting more;

–        Kopanisti (ka-pan-es-te), a salty, spicy Greek cheese with a smoky peppery undertone.

–        Melopita (mel-o-peeta), also known as honey pie, is crafted from cinnamon, tirovolas, honey all wrapped up tight in crispy pastry shapes.

Best places to in eat Mykonos Greece

Mykonos restaurants really do ‘talk the talk’ when it comes to stunningly fresh, delicious and authentic Greek cuisine. I’m not sure where to start when it comes to choosing the best restaurants in Mykonos so I’m going to give you my top 3 three restaurant in Mykonos for tasty food, a good atmosphere and just all around great Greek cooking.

Noa Greek Restaurant

D’Angelo Mykonos

Nikolas Taverna

Exploring off the beaten path

Mykonos is known for its unique night scene that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Not only do you get your pick of experience; wild beach parties, EDM dance clubs, a peaceful night along the coast or even a fabulous drag queen show. Every night will be different, and every experience will be uniquely your own.

However, if after a few of these memorable nights you find yourself wanting to explore the day scene a bit more. I highly recommend that you visit at least one of the wineries that the island has to offer! My two particular favourites are VINOS mynonos, and Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm. While my preference for different flavours of wine changes based on what I am eating (which is literally everything here), from sweet white, to a dry red – everything is absolutely divine!

Things to do in Mykonos

Imagine you go to Egypt, and you do nearly every activity available except – you never see the Pyramids. Your friends and colleagues are not only going to ask you why you didn’t see them, the ongoing joke for who knows how long is going to be whether you actually went or not. And while my family enjoys exploring away from the crowds and off the tourist beaten path, there are some activities that one just must do.

The one thing I personally recommend is on your ‘Mykonos Must Do’ must do list – go on a sunset picnic cruise. There are dozens to choose from, each one offering something that makes it uniquely spectacular. Our cruise captain was kind enough to bring us a couple of bottles of his favourite wine, as well as a full spread of local meats and cheeses. I don’t know about you; but great company, amazing wine, mouthwatering cheese and a breathtaking sunset – are the makings of memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Do it for Yourself

While those tiny wooden white and blue windmills will look absolutely adorable on your bookshelf or mantle, I recommend you go for something more – Fabric. After the War of Independence Mykonos had to rebuild itself from the ground up. One of the many ways that it did this was by exporting their top grade textiles all throughout Europe and beyond.

So whenever you decide to take a few hours and get lost in Chora (Mykonos Town), take a few minutes and look into the little shops you walk past. Look for a textile product that catches your eye; it can be anything from a pair of linen trousers, a colourful tunic, or even a pillow case. Which is exactly what I picked up!

 Any time I walk past my living room the blue lace of the pillow will catch my eye – not only will I recall the days in the sun here, my souvenir will be able to do more for my family than collect dust.

 As you can see, greece mykonos hold a fond place in my heart and is jam packed with incredible things to do where the memories will last a lifetime!

For the best Mykonos hotels definitely check out hostelworld for some great places to stay and when it comes to Mykonos restaurants you can’t go far wrong with some of my recommendations above, because, as you can tell, I LOVE to eat!

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