Why you simply must visit Kotor on your first Montenegro trip

The best things to see and do in Kotor If there is a valid reason to visit Montenegro, it is Kotor, because it is a…

The best things to see and do in Kotor

If there is a valid reason to visit Montenegro, it is Kotor, because it is a pure wonder to behold! This attractive city is best known for its region called “the mouths of Kotor”. This unique fjord of the Mediterranean will offer you a grandiose spectacle. Your menu will consist of sumptuous bays and formidable landscapes maintained by spellbinding mountain ranges and all of this is in the small area known as Kotor Montenegro.

You will be allowed to visit the many surrounding towns, share delicious local dishes, and appreciate the luminous architecture of its main buildings and the luxuriant vegetation found there. Fly without hesitation to this fabulous destination.

It is a dream location where the Adriatic sinks into the mountains. The mouths of Kotor are spectacularly beautiful. With its medieval cities, island monasteries, and hidden beaches, the site bears witness to a rich past.

Kotor lies at the foot of the mountains. Lined with cobalt water and surrounded by massive ramparts. Kotor in Montenegro is the deepest city in the bay and the most romantic. It is accessed through the main entrance, the Sea Gate which is massive and Venetian. Or by the old bridge, more charming and which spans the Scurda. What to do inside? There is no need to do anything really, you could get lost in the alleys and look up! You will also come across small squares and Saint-Tryphon Cathedral, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, with two bell towers and Corinthian columns. Kotor  Montenegro was Byzantine, Serbian and above all Venetian for more than 350 years.

places to stay in Kotor

While visiting Kotor Montenegro,it might be a good idea to plan your stay ahead of time so as not to miss out on the best (and most reasonably priced) accommodation on offer. Ive put together a short list of some of the best places to stay in Kotor Montenegro that offer the most scenic stays and hospitable surroundings.

If you want to stay in the old town and enjoy a trip back in time, this is the perfect place for you. The Old Town Homestel in Stari Grad Kotor Montenegro is located in the heart of the Old Town, right in the medieval centre, its location is ideal for strolling through the cobbled streets of Kotor and visiting the treasures of the city in the morning. The proximity of the hotel to  the various centres of interest in the city centre allows you to start your visits on foot directly after having had your breakfast on-site, and not waste any time during your sightseeing tours! The Old Town Homestel has the perfect location, superb staff and very scenic environment. Charm and period decoration guaranteed! All the main attractions of the city are within your reach like the St. John’s Fortress which is a perfect hiking spot, a 5min walk to all the best restaurants, maritime museum and bars in town.

Palazzo Drusko Deluxe Rooms

What if you treat yourself to the  Palazzo Drusko Deluxe rooms for your stay in Kotor Montenegro? The Palazzo Drusko, located in Stari Grad, in the near suburbs of Kotor offers a magnificent panorama over the Bay of Kotor. On-site, no less than 3 restaurants, a cocktail bar, and a spa area await you to enjoy a very comfortable stay in a dream location. Several Deluxe rooms are available, to enjoy the ambient calm of the waters of the Bay of Kotor which stretch out before your eyes. Various UNESCO historic sights are all around for tourists to enjoy their day sightseeing. Modern and sophisticated, this recent hotel finally has spacious rooms which are individually decorated with vintage furniture,a private bathroom, a view of the sea, and a 7.5km distance to the Tivat Airport.

Still, in the Mouths of Kotor, the Montenegro Hostel B&B Kotor has been in existence since 2008. It offers excellent tours for tourists. These 10 bed dorms have private bathrooms, a communal kitchenette, attic common room, free AC and Wifi.

Things to do In Kotor

We have already established that Kotor is already enough reason to visit Montenegro and while you are there, I have carefully curated some of the must-see places while in Kotor.

The Old Town/Stari Grad

Kotor is a tiny town, its area is almost limited to its only old town. Nevertheless, this small city can transport you away for hours. Kotor cannot be approached without mentioning its old town first. All the monuments or museums presented just after are listed there. Unesco made no mistake in classifying the fortified city of Kotor (Stari Grad) as a World Heritage Site.

There are many ways to visit Kotor and everyone does as they see fit. The only thing that does not change is the means of transport: your feet! It is advisable to enter Stari Grad through the sea gate, the one located in front of the port. From this starting point, you can already begin to admire the Place des Armes, its magnificent clock, and its terraces. The rest is yours and the best thing is to lose yourself in the maze of alleys of an old town built five centuries ago.

The Lipa Cave

Speaking of caves and adventures,the Lipa cave is one of the largest in Kotor Montenegro. Take in the views of the Kotor bay, its canals and the soft breeze blowing across the cave. The ice halls and homemade cheese are part of the local delicacies to enjoy while exploring the cave.

The Bay of Kotor, also called Boka, allows you to see islets, caves, and much more. Thus, renting a car in Kotor will allow you to discover the surroundings in a more picturesque way. Discover Budva, filled with traditional and ancient content. A great experience to live with your loved ones to complete your stay in Kotor!


To visit Kotor is also to be charmed by its surroundings.With its bell tower, its lion status, and its church island, hike the summit of Bobotuv and experience, get your adrenaline pumping with this hike.

Bobotov Kuk is one of those magical places that will make you fall in love with a region and make you want to return. Enjoy a refreshing meal that is packed with rich flavours at a local farm diner. The glacial lake that leads to the summit of bobotov kuk is a sight to behold and will have you feeling like you have climbed to the apex of mount everest but celebrate your little wins. One mountain at a time.

Boka Day cruise


Visiting Kotor is unthinkable without going on a boat cruise? Imagine laying out  in the sun while creating memories of your own. Explore the man made island of our lady of the rocks, if you are a fan of history, sit back and visit the ex Yugoslavian submarine.

 An 8 hour excursion which begins in Kotor bay to budva. Visit the Saint Nicholas  church and museum on the island. Explore the former concentration camp and fortified prison. It is also a miracle because it is one of the historic sites to explore in Kotor Montenegro.

Best restaurants in Kotor

It’s the greatest joy of every traveller to sample the local cuisine anywhere they visit and it won’t be different while visiting Kotor. Here are some popular restaurants to visit while in Kotor.


This modern, casual restaurant and butcher shop specialises in delicious, no-frills organic dishes. With particular emphasis on meat marinated to perfection and grilled to just the right degree of tenderness, diners can enjoy huge platters of lamb, beef, or chicken with garden-fresh salads and chunky potato fries. land on the side. Moderately decorated and giving off a rustic butchery vibe. All of their meats and vegetables are sourced locally to provide an authentic, regional taste. A local institution and one of the most recommended restaurants in town, Tanjga is the perfect place for a casual, quality meal. Be sure to try pleskavica and cevapi, two traditional Montenegrin meat dishes.

Cattaro Restaurant

 For visitors to Kotor with a sweet tooth or just a penchant for a first-class cup of coffee, a few hours at the Cattaro Restaurant are mandatory and highly recommended. It serves seafood, Mediterranean, european,italian.sandwiches and light bites throughout the day, as well as upscale fares such as sea bass and lobster in the evening. From cheesecakes and ice cream cups brimming with fresh fruit, Pair it with one of its aromatic and perfectly made coffees for a memorable afternoon or come back for dinner to soak up the glamorous evening ambiance.

Resto bar Taraca

This upscale restaurant offers a blend of European Healthy soups which are vegetarian friendly with an option for vegan food. It has a unique jazzy ambience. They are famous for their soup with paprika. Located in Kotor Montenegro. The menu is listed with affordable foods which you do not need to break the bank for. Visitors looking for a slightly more relaxed meal. A great place to take in the scenery of the bay at night when it’s romantically lit with candles and lanterns.

Now that you know what to look out for when in Kotor Montenegro, pack a bag and head off on this wonderful adventure of a city waiting for you with open arms.

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