Hello from the Unusual Travel Blog!

My name is Lauren and I’m a Brit living in the Czech Republic! I absolutely love finding unique travel destinations and places to visit, as well as going on great food and wine related adventures.

During the pandemic in 2020, we packed up and moved to Brno (pronounced Bur-No). It’s the 2nd largest city in the country after Prague–and jam packed with history and exciting restaurants.

My little family and I will be spending the next several years gallivanting all over Europe and documenting our journey finding the most interesting and unusual places to visit, stay and eat. I’m not to be trifled with when it comes to food, wine and cocktails— I’m always finding the most unusual things in Europe! But most importantly, I just love to try new things and step out of my comfort zone.

 I used to be a party planner and events coordinator, so hospitality runs deep in my bones.  These days, I’m living that millennial-entrepreneurship-hustle as a social media manager (I specialize in weddings and events!). with my Etsy shop which you can find here 

When I’m not at a new crazy restaurant sipping on delicious cocktails in the evenings, you’ll find me at home, wine in hand, cooking fresh veggie dishes for my family and dancing to Motown with my Chihuahua, Zeus.

Thanks for glancing into my little world! I’ll be sharing all kinds of info: Unusual travel ideas, quirky travel hints and tips, beauty tips and how I make income from home.

 Do you have any favorite restaurants to recommend where you live? Perhaps you have a great work-from-business, too? We should be friends.